Digital Panorama - Installations
Digital devices take up more and more space each passing day in the lives of people along with the rapidly advancing technology. Changing market demand also generates alternative sales channels along with the advancing technology. The brands aware of this use digital mediums to reach their customers.

In this world experiencing digital conversion, all sales channels need to be consistent with and complementary of each other. At this point, while we bring together your brand with right audience on the right channel at the right time, we also offer a seamless experience by implementing omni-channel marketing strategies.
Omnichannel Solutions
We offer services that can be integrated with all CRM and monitoring structures in order to offer multichannel and omni-channel solutions.
  • Web
    Web sites applied by consumers for the first information source about brands and products are the first meeting point of consumer-brand communication. Therefore web sites continue to be one of the most important communication mediums today. You can convert the visitors of your website into loyal customer base through interactive 3D web experiences, vide and rich media contents offered you as Digital Panorama.
  • Mobile
    We offer creative and interactive solutions for platforms such as iOS and Android in Digital Panorama. We enable the brands to reach target audience rapidly through applications such as journals, games, product promotions and product configurations developed by us and we offer an effective experience.
  • Interactive Display
    We offer unmanned consumer experiences by generating touch or gesture controlled interfaces on interactive screens. We develop virtual TRY-SEE applications by combining interactive screens with snapshot processing technologies such as Kinect. We produce experiences that can interact with all audiences from 7 to 70 thanks to simple interfaces which can be easily experienced by every user.
  • VR
    We create virtual reality experiences that are used in devices like HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus for the contents we have developed on Unity. For architectural presentation, we make the users walk around in a space. We can fit the largest showroom containing hundreds of automobiles into VR.
Web Configurator
We produce animated applications where users can configure products or spaces on the web platform. With web-configurator:
    • The properties like color-texture of the product or space can be changed.
    • The parts constituting the product or space can be changed.
    • All changes made can be viewed simultaneously on the product or space.
    • Price quotes can be obtained for the version generated according to the preferences.